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STEM Education


STEM Education

The TRAP coding program is designed for students, ranging from age 8 to 17, and teaches them the basics of computer programming while they develop important problem solving, logic, and computational skills. Our students will progress through a variety of programming languages as they take part in hackathons, workshops, and summer camps. Classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors in a fun and inspirational environment, where kids can advance at their own pace, but always feel challenged and ready to handle a career in technology.

Super STEM Saturdays

Super STEM Saturdays, as the name implies, takes place on Saturdays and is designed to expose and engage children of all ages, and their families to the diverse and exciting field of Science. Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students interact with STEM professionals, who use a hands -on approach to teach innovative STEM concepts in an informal atmosphere. By way of friendly, but competitive, STEM competitions, students learn to solve real- world problems and increase their creativity and critical thinking skills


College Tours

Our college tours involve taking underrepresented youth to regional colleges including University of Missouri, University of Illinois, Lincoln University, Alabama A&M and Tennessee State University.

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